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The Metal Research Laboratory offers the following services:

In view of increase of manufacture of semifinished metallurgical products for essential components used in products of various branches of machine building which require a comprehensive research of quality of metals the Company has founded a Metal Research Laboratory. The staff of the laboratory consists of highly qualified specialists with professional higher education and science degrees and with years of hands-on experience in research laboratories of large industrial enterprises. The laboratory has necessary regulatory documentation, modern testing equipment, devices and measuring instruments which help us to conduct comprehensive studies of the quality of metals used to manufacture blanks.

Services of the Metal Research Laboratory

1.  Macrographic examination, fracture tests, study of sulphur partition by Baumann's method as per GOST 10243-75 and other regulatory documentation.

2.  Micrographic examination:

·   grain-size testing as per 5639-82;

·  defining of metal nonmetallic impurity rating as per GOST 1778-70;

·   ferrite content determination in products made of corrosion-resistant chrome-nickel steel of austenite class by magnetic method as per Interstate Standards Recommendations 2730.300.08-2003, by metallography as per GOST 11878-66

3.  Mechanical Tests at Low, Room and High Temperature:

·   tensile test (defining the yield point, tensile strength, percentage of elongation, contraction ratio) at room temperature and high temperature as per GOST 1497-84, GOST 9651-84;

·  impact-bending test (defining impact energy, impact strength) in the range of temperatures from – 80 С° to 100 С° as per GOST 9454-78;

·  critical brittle point determination in the range of temperatures from – 80 С° to 100 С° as per Rules and Standards of Nuclear-Power Engineering Г-7-002-86;

·  flexture test as per GOST 14019-2003.

·  hardness determination using Brinell hardness test, Rockwell hardness test,  Vickers hardness test as per GOST 9012-59, GOST 9013-59.

4.   Testing corrosion-resistant steel and alloys for inter-crystalline corrosion resistance as per GOST 6032-2003.

5.   Chemical analysis of composition of steel and alloys by spectral method as per GOST 18895-97.

6.  Measuring of magnetic characteristics of  steel and alloys;

7.   Ultrasonic flaw detection and magnetic particle flaw detection, dye penetrant inspection types.

8.   Comprehensive research of quality of materials of semifinished metallurgical products  checking correspondence to requirements of regulatory documentation, in order to define the character and reasons of defects in the blanks, products destruction at various stages of manufacture, providing of recommendations for elimination of defects.

Apart from the abovementioned services the laboratory employees will be glad to help you to choose materials in the process of elaboration of design documentation concerning articles’ technological effectiveness, introduction in the manufacturing process of modern steel types and practical blanks, development and implementation of optimum modes of hardening heat treatment.