Nonferrous Casting

Foundry engineering focuses on making castings of aluminum-base and copper-base alloys intended for various branches of machine building.


Modern production machinery is provided for the manufacturing facilities. It is made by well-known Russian manufacturers and global leaders in this sphere, such as: 

  • OMEGA (Great Britain) automated molding line FastLoop, mixing devices, vibrating tables, tilting cradle;  

  • GUT (Germany) filling and cooling conveyor, knock-out grid, regeneration equipment;  

  • LAC (Czech Republic) gas melting furnaces with the function of automated melting; 

  • GOSTOLTSTdd (Slovenia) shot-blast machine.

  Modeling Workshop

A modeling workshop is a part of facilities of LLC VolgaStalProekt. It is provided with modern multi-purpose woodwork machines and computer controlled machines which manufacture pattern equipment of high complexity and quality using various materials

(modelling plastic, composite board, hard wood, aluminium alloys etc.).        

While developing design-engineering documentation we widely and successfully use software CAD/CAM: NX, PowerMILLPro as well as a modern foundry process simulation program LVMFlow.


Molding methods used to manufacture castings:

-  dead mold casting using moulds of cold hardening mixtures (furan process);

-  centrifugal molding;

-  chill casting.

Alloys used to make castings:

-   aluminum-base alloys as per GOST 1583-93 (7, 5, 9 etc.);

-   copper-base alloys (bronze, brass) as per GOST 613-79, GOST 493-54,

GOST 17711-93 (0101, 0555, 084, 9, 102; 4; 401,5 etc.)

  Dimensions and Weights of Castings

Maximum weight of castings manufactured by dead mould casting using molds of cold hardening mixtures:

-     aluminum-base alloys 500 kg.

-     copper-base alloys 800 kg.

Maximum dimensions of castings manufactured by dead mould casting using molds of cold hardening mixtures 1,5001,200600 (height) mm.    

-     Maximum weight of castings of aluminum-base alloys made by chill casting 300 kg.

-     Maximum weight of castings made by centrifugal molding 800 kg.

Dimensions of castings made on a centrifugal machine:

-     Outer diameter 400 ÷1,000 mm.

-     Height 35 ÷ 500 mm.

An inherent part of the castings manufacturing procedure using aluminum-base alloys is liquid alloy degassing in order to minimize the adverse effect of hydrogen dissolved in the liquid alloy which causes pouring defects in castings, that is gas unsoundness.

For this purpose a degassing unit FDU10 (Germany) treating the liquid-alloy in a ladle is used in the manufacturing process. In order to assess the degassing effectiveness the alloy density index is defined using aluminum-base alloys testing devices GASTECPRO 2.0 and alloy density defining devices DENSITECBC1500C+Al0011 DEVISE (Italy).    

   Our Own Laboratory

A laboratory is a part of our facilities provided with modern equipment and appliances which control the chemical composition of alloys and the quality of molding sand mixtures and core sand mixtures.

The staff of the laboratory consists of highly qualified specialists with professional higher education and science degrees and with years of hands-on experience in research laboratories of large industrial enterprises. The laboratory has necessary regulatory documentation, modern testing equipment, devices and measuring instruments which help us to conduct comprehensive studies of the quality of metals used to manufacture blanks.