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Non-Destructive Testing Methods

·  Utrasonic flaw detection 

·  Ultrasonic thickness measurement 

·  Magnetic particle flaw detection  

·  Liquid-penetrant testing (dye penetrant method and fluorescent penetrant examination) 

·  X-ray flaw detection 

LLC «VolgaStalProject» offers tests of equipment and materials using non-destructive methods during manufacture, assembly and repairs:

·        visual and dimensional inspection;

·        ultrasonic check of soundness  of parts’ blanks made by free forging, rolling, stamping and  casting of steel and alloys, fastening details, flat product, welded joints;

·        ultrasonic thickness measurement in case of one-sided access to the tested item;

·        magnetic particle flaw detection;

·        liquid-penetrant testing;

·        X-ray flaw detection;