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Mechanical Processing

Machining workshop of LLC «VolgaStalProject» is equipped with modern metal-cutting machine tools including  programmed ones and machining centre type machines which are constantly renewed and complemented.

We use tools made by leading global manufactures which provide high productiveness and sustained quality of products.

The machines are capable of roughing-out of large capacity workpieces and finishing machining of items which require high accuracy:

 ·        lathe machining of extended parts of the following dimensions: Ø 600 х 5,000 mm,  Ø 300 х 8,000 mm, including  numeric control device up to Ø 600 х 3,000 mm.

 ·        lathe machining of Disc type parts of the dimensions up to Ø 2,500 х 1,000 mm.

 ·        lathe machining of parts with numeric control device of mid-size up to Ø200 х 1,000 mm. 

 ·        planomilling of prismatic parts of the dimensions up to 900 х 900 х 3,000 mm.

 ·        processing on machining centre type tools of parts up to 1,200х700х700 mm.