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Equipment and Tools of the Metal Research Laboratory

The following equipment and tools are used for control and research work:

1. Tensile-testing machine 1958У-10-1, upgraded, of the forcing of 100 kN (10 tnf) provided with the system of high-temperature operating tests (from 150 С° to 1,000 С°) standard thermometer – 2Р, with a software and hardware suite.

2. Pendular impact testing machine МК 300 with electrical hammer lifting. Rating value of pendulums potential energy 150 J and 300 J, scope of measurement of energy is from 15 to 120 J and from 30 to 240 J.

3. Liquid-type cryothermostat FT-311-80 for samples cooling (heating) in the temperature range of -80 С° to 100 С°.

4. Metal and alloys hardness measurement apparatus ТШ-2м using Brinell hardness test.

5. Metallographic microscope “Metam РВ-21-1” of magnification of 80 to 1,000 and differential interference contrast module.

6. Metallographic specimen preparation unit “Shlif-2М-V”.

7. A set of equipment to carry out:

·        macrographic examination and study of sulphur partition by Baumann's method;

·        testing steel and alloys for inter-crystalline corrosion resistance.

8. Ferrite meter МФ-51 НЦ for ferrite content determination in blanks, parts, metal of welds and welding depositions, finished products of corrosion-resistant chrome-nickel steel of austenite class and austenite-ferrite class.

9.  Magnetic instrument МК-3Э for automated measurement of magnetic characteristics of soft-magnetic materials.

10. Atomic emission spectrometer “Iskrolain 100” to analyze chemical composition of steel and alloys applying the spectral method.